Daringly you started to love. Love like the way one loves the sky, without caring about the weathers. You let yourself flow into the river of love, it let you flow or sink you down, you don’t care a little. Caring of nothing about the consequences, you love. Someway managing your brain to think of the body that sink in the river, never goes down but for a while. You ignore the consequences. you totally fantasized your brain that they never shows up ever! And then they shows up, at first, small for sight, and less in number but with passage of time, they grow taller than you and multiplied them like bacteria in its favorable environment. 

And now guess what. They were all around you, as far as you can see, they are everywhere. All coming towards you like crooked zombies magnetically attracted towards fresh brain, all they want is to eat up your sanity. Now you know, is the time to do something. Your feared scared brain sitting frightened in the skull, afraid to think of any thing now. You tried to make it work, “it’s best” but from inside you know ‘working’ is the last thing it could do, let the ‘best’ stay aside.

There is no way to go but to die right where you are, all you could do is make it  like a MAN’s, like a great man who died in road of love, with praise the soul should be taken away from body and with praise it should ascend. And for that, you could do nothing but love, more and more and more. Love like no one ever had. Love like there left no example of likewise. Closed eyes shallow senses, all you’re doing is loving and breathing, breathing were never deeper than these.

And then the cool breezy, calm air starts to stir in the environment of intense warmness. You never loved the cold breeze, but at this very moment, this very air has something special that make you love it. Your senses sharpen up and with immense tranquility you opened your eyes and found your beloved standing and smiling at you. MIRACLE!! you are not sure if everyone could hear but it echo every where inside you.

Your beloved hushed consequences away. You are not sure they are all gone away but now their presence is meaning less, they could cause no chaos, mess or devastation in your life anymore. Even if they come in way you could fight with them. Cause now you’re a hero and hero never die!.

Your beloved love you and praise you a lot because you faced devastation fearlessly for love. They thanks you for not running away and sticking in miserable times, you took their praises from right hand or left that doesn’t matter anymore, anything you say or anything you do, doesn’t matter anymore. Since you’re the one who stand in devastation just for them, they love you a lot and praise you as a hero. But you know what really happened. Either you ignore facing it or tell everyone out aloud it doesn’t matter anymore to them. But it sting you a little from inside. It stings a little more than before every time and with time you know, it only increases. That you sticked and stand for them, for love because you don’t have anyway to run!!!

……….By CaraMel